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EUSA is aware of the possibility of illegal or fraudulent e-mail solicitations involving the unauthorized use of the EUSA corporate identity, specifically the unauthorized use of the "Energy U.S.A." name as that name is  used in its corporate name and in the names of affiliated companies, in attempts to conduct transactions designed to defraud businesses and members of the general public.
Before we describe certain fraudulent schemes of which we have become aware.  Others may exist.  This is not a comprehensive or exclusive listing.
Employment solicitations for payment services  
We have become aware of the possibility that in some cases individuals have been subject to an unauthorized employment solicitation by unknown parties to act as payment coordinates for EUSA.  These solicitations may seek to engage or employ an individual or business to provide assistance in clearing foreign checks or payment orders on behalf of "Energy U.S.A. Incorporated" with promises of financial gain to the person who agrees to provide such assistance.  
Assistance in processing foreign payments
A variant of the employment solicitation scheme is a solicitation based on the unfounded request for assistance to process and clear foreign checks or payment orders on behalf of EUSA that would entitle the participant to some form of compensation.  
These solicitations are unauthorized and fraudulent and have no conenction to the above named EUSA.
Persons or businesses contacted in the manner described above should be aware that these are fraudulent and false communications and should take every precaution to avoid involvement or entrapment with the perpetrators of these communications.
If you are contacted in such a manner, you should contact the local law enforcement authorities.  Please also contact us.
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